Just some of the organizations which have received our support over the years:

Our Mission

Our Events

A little about us . . .


Who Are We?

We are an all volunteer non-profit, established in 1984. We have no paid employees, no expense accounts, and use no professional fundraisers.

We have been recognized by the May Institute for our "Dedication and Contributions" to the cause and by the Current Trends in Autism Conference with the "Margaret L. Bauman Award for Outstanding Service to the Autism Community".


A lot of years, and a lot of events! From 10K Road Racing to 50's Nights, Trips to casinos & Manhattan, formal dinner dances, Horse Racing, a Mystery Night (guests pictured above), Pots of Gold, Comedy Nights, a dinner show, a Chocolate Scavenger Hunt, a Pancake Breakfast, Fashion events, Golf Tournaments - with more in the works including a bowling event and a Halloween Party. And we'll keep them coming if you will keep on coming! 

The Faces of our volunteers have changed over the years, but each of the faces has been of someone who is committed to helping in the fight against Autism.

Currently there are those who work in the ASD field, retirees, people in sales, small business owners, public employees, an attorney, people employed in the private sector, mental health, property management, health care, school administrators: people just like you.

Some became committed because they were family or friends or worked in the ASD community; others because they wanted to help. The Autism community owes each of them a debt for their tireless efforts.

- To provide current, accurate information;

- To increase the awareness and acceptance of the general public regarding Autism and related disorders;

-   To instill a sensitivity in the general public regarding the unique needs of families with an Autistic member;

-    To raise funds for worthwhile organizations that deal with Autism, and to distribute those funds to assist with 
1. Education

2. Housing

3. Research

4. Recreation

Our Volunteers

  • Autism Research Foundation
  • LADDERS at Riverside
  • The May Institute
  • The Autism Research Institute
  • The Autism Society of America
  • Autism Speaks
  • North Shore Education Consortium
  • The Autism Support Center
  • New England Center for Children
  • Prevent Autism Now
  • Defeat Autism Now Conference